Monday, January 4, 2010

Silver Naraya Bag

Have you ever bought a birthday gift for someone, but you totally want one for yourself?

This was the case with this Naraya bag.
Bought it bag for a friend's birthday, but I so want one myself!
I hardly love Naraya bags, but this one....I could make exceptions!
It has a nice structure, looks totally expensive, dainty without puking pinks or flowers...neutral, elegant.

I'll head back to the shop (it's in Kwai Chung plaza, 2nd floor) and get one later :p
...when SC's busy :D

PS. I accidentally posted this on my food blog. Mondays do this to me. LOLz. Sorry about that, food people :D


Anonymous said...

hello there! i happened to chance upon your blog and i really like it! i love the way how you put your outfits together and the clothes are affordable yet so effortlessly pretty!

anyway i'm going to hk next week & i was wondering if you can recommend me some places that you normally shop and thrift as i think we have similar taste/style. i'd really appreciate your help. thanks! :)

Mochachocolata Rita said...

hi, my favorite places to shop:

prince edward MTR station exit B:
allied plaza & fa yuen st market

mongkok MTR station exit D2: argyle centre phase I and II

H&M = any branch

enjoy :)

Duni said...

Oh, this is one cute bag!
Just make sure you don't use it the same time your friend does ;-)

GracieMei said...

Hi Rita,

Naraya bags are super cheap in Bangkok.
There are a few other more elegant looking ones- I will PM you on my next Bangkok trip just in case you are interested ;)