Friday, January 15, 2010

I Tweet My Shit

I created a twitter account mainly due to my "others have it, I should too?" mentality.

What? Just being honest la~ :p

I started with following some food bloggers that I knew from the blogosphere (I can't believe I used the word "blogosphere"), posted a few updates, and soon enough (like...within an hour), the fun wore off. My food blog friends are mostly not in the same time zone as I am, and I was left with no one to @ with. My non food blog friends were having none of it, they were all too busy whoring themselves via facebook :D
Thus, my twitter account went into a deep virtual sleep, and the widget was removed from my blog.
I figured that a widget of outdated monologue would make my blog look really pathetic.

Recently, I was pleasantly surprised when I went back to my old and dusty twitter account (the last update was probably a few months ago), and found some great people to @ with.

What do I tweet?
I tweet my shit.
People might find what I tweet absolute rubbish, frivolous, meaningless, childish, low-b & 8-chi.
So what?
I am not a newspaper/portal/knowledge center/marketing genius/food or cooking or fashion expert. There are some of these guys out there, whose tweets I enjoy, but sadly, I am not them.
I am jack of all trades and master of none, i.e. I suck at everything.
It's a personal twitter, I don't tweet for a living, and I don't care what others think I should or should not tweet.
I can tweet LOL, hehehehe, hahaha, HAHAHA, :D :) T_T and >.< the whole day if I want to.
Spamming Tweeting my blog posts/pictures did give me a tiny wee bit more exposure and all that...but at the end of the day, what I really love first and foremost is....the interaction with people.

What people?
I follow people/entities for:
- Something I find interesting
- Something in common
- My love for Hong Kong
- Great conversations
- Laughs, and lots of it

I have not been a big fan of meeting my online friends.
I am a total paranoid.
I don't care how charming you are online.
You might be a freak, just as I am.

But, after a while, I developed certain feelings towards people I follow on twitter and I...evolved.

People/entities I knew before twitter
They are mostly food bloggers. I left comments in their blog, they left comments in my blog. I love their blog, and generally they had to at least pretend to love my blog due to blogging etiquette (LOL). But as I mentioned, I hardly get to talk to them as they tweet when I sleep :D

People whom I can't wait to meet in person
I find them interesting. They seem to be successful/talented/wise but they are down to earth. I enjoy talking to them, we clicked almost immediately like old friends. I can totally relate to them, I get them, they get me. They made me wonder if I'd enjoy their company in person as much as I do online.

People I deeply admire, but felt totally intimidated by
I love reading their tweets, I am in awe of their "published" knowledge or character or wisdom or talent or skills or success. But there's something unapproachable about them and that keeps me away from them (probably for their own good ^_^)

People I am not looking forward to meet in person
Let's just say that the chemistry just wasn't there :)
Why are they still in my list?
Maybe because there's such a thing as the benefit of the doubt? Could the chemistry be better in person? Do I misunderstand them? Am I too dumb so I don't get them? It's not them, it's me?

Anyways, I've pretty much cured my meeting-online-friends paranoia and met some really lovely lovely people.

I may get bored of twitter soon, but I'm sure I will still hate love you guys.

;) :) :D


Tim Ho said...

Thats why you didn't come to tweetup. Don't worry, we will change your mind!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

kakaka :p
yes, i am better now, one step at a time ;)

mystifize said...

Hm..I wonder which category I fall under. Hopefully not the last one, hahaha

Mochachocolata Rita said...

kakakaka....but seriously, not the last one (just being polite)...HAHAHA joking! you are definitely NOT in the last category :D

Jackie said...

I fall into category #4, right? :P

I enjoy your tweets. There's a lot of pretentious behaviour with Twitter, so it's nice to see that you're just a regular gal, right down to your tweets!

Jax x

Avigayil Damm said...

Haha... don't tell me which category I belong to, what I don't know won't hurt me! :p LOL

Jason said...

yes! benefit of the doubt indeed as to why some still remains in our list ... LOL ...