Monday, January 4, 2010

Zara SALE Shopping Spree

I went to Zara SALE last weekend, it was rather early in the morning, so everything were stil in place and there was no queue in front of the fitting rooms. Oh yeah!

What did I get?
I got these 100% cotton tops with puffy lacy sleeves for HK$199

You know if I liked something, I'd buy them in every color?

So I got the black one too!

...and this nightie-ish, satiny dress in the shade of purple that I don't hate :D

I love the details, and I love how it fits me perfectly.

Plus, at HK$'s impossible not to buy.
I didn't buy any other color. The red's too slutty, the turquoise washes me out, and the black looks a little tacky.

and...I've bought...this super fierce dress.

It's a dress, with a little edge. HK$149

Love them, can't wait to wear them.

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Anonymous said...

very cheap n nice ... i will be in HK next week...will sure pay zara a visit .... LOL