Friday, January 22, 2010

When It Gets Warmer...

My sis complains endlessly about how I add a layer of turtle neck tee in almost all of my winter look and made it boring and monotonous.
Good news is, it's warmer these days, I can wear a dress without a layer of turtleneck tee underneath...
Bad news is....where did winter go????? I want a longer winter! I am not ready for summer!

Sleeveless tops, miniskirts, bathing suits...oh nooooo....
Are you ready for summer?

Dress = thrifted
Belt = H&M
Necklace = Metroplaza, Kwai Fong
Tights = no brand
Shoes = Argyle Center, Mongkok


Jackie said...

Are you KIDDING me?! I am sooo ready for summer and to be out of this rubbish grey winter with its pissy rain and life-stopping snow! Tell you what, let's swop locations - I'll take the heat/sun/mini-skirts/summer dresses, you can have London's ick ;)

Jax x

Robin said...

Sleeveless tops- yes.
Miniskirts- yes.
Bathing suits- hell no!

Vinda Sonata said...

seeing you in that dress makes me recall those good ol' days of mine! teehee. i really love vintage dress with layered skirt. you did it really well. 70s chic, yes :)

Mrs Ergül said...

I am so glad I caught a few days of winter in Hong Kong and Macau. How much I miss dressing up in layers and layers of clothing haha