Monday, January 4, 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR from Hong Kong!

It's funny how many of us debated whether there's gonna be fireworks on NYE in Hong Kong.
Apparently (and I never paid attention to this as I was mostly away during NYE during my 7 yrs stay in HK), it is not a tradition to have fireworks on NYE, normally they'd only put up that hideous light show. Ouch.

Light show or fireworks, I've decided that I'd do more than just sit in front of my TV to see it.
I debated watching it from Tsim Sha Tsui (the most popular spot with the best view of Hong Kong island skyline from across the harbour), but the crowd scared the shit outta me, I thought of watching it from Chater garden/statue square, Central, which means I'd see the fireworks really up close, right underneath it, which is fun, but my friend gave me the best idea, which is watching it from Peak Tower at Victoria Peak.

I got up there by 11 pm, waited in the cold (dancing obnoxiously to my music playlist helped a lot), and finally...the moment of truth...fireworks or light show?

HAHA! Fireworks! SC and I shouted out obscenities into the clouds (we were so close to the clouds, it's crazy!), I just set my camera on P (which is pretty much auto), took continuous shots, did absolutely none of those "how to photograph fireworks" tips and had a great time.

Wish you....(fill in the blanks)...

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Hong Kong Photography said...

The fireworks are just great this year.

I was taken some photos under the 2 IFC and "Wow" several times..