Monday, August 30, 2010

iPhone4 Skin - Vintage Nintendo

If you had to choose a skin for your phone...what would it be?
Cute hello kitty?
Blings of roses and crystals?
80s neon shades?
Animal prints?
I am not sure about myself...but this is what the geeky nerdy dorky SC has on his beloved iPhone4...
iPhone 4 Skin - Vintage Nintendo
A vintage nintendo!

But...of course!
iPhone 4 Skin - Vintage Nintendo

Here he is, demonstrating how the console's used in its golden days ;)
iPhone 4 Skin - Vintage Nintendo
Pathetic? Lame?
Nah, I think it's kinda cool.
I love geeks. Geeks are seksi :D

Here's the link to more cool iPhone4 skins


LyddieGal said...

Ahhh, so, so cute! I love it!

Ashley said...