Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Baby Marcus' Naughty Faces 傲B的"吹咩"面...

Baby Marcus is now 8 months and 3 weeks.
He says "apa pa pa pa pa pa" and "mammm ma ma ma ma" non stop without knowing what they mean.
He cries when we try to remove his toys from his hands.
傲B 差唔多九個月大啦!
依家已經識講爸爸同媽媽, 雖然佢仲未知自己講乜..
依家好惡, 攞佢玩緊既玩具佢會大喊的...
Naughty Baby Marcus - Almost 9 months
He kinda understands the meaning of "NO" (we say this a lot), but he doesn't always obey it, sometimes he'd laugh so happily when we told him "NO!" (just like in the above picture, we told him not to bite his finger)
佢唔知點解好神奇地好似聽得明"NO", 大部分時間叫"NO"都會停左手頭上做緊既事, 有時會對住你笑, 同睬你都傻...(如圖)

He blows bubbles... (吹咩吹咩?)
Naughty Baby Marcus - Almost 9 months
...only babies can do this and still look cute.
一路吹波, 一路笑..頂

And he likes to stick out his tongue at people.
同佢正經野? 以下係回應..
Naughty Baby Marcus - Almost 9 months
It's not cool when I do it.

He's wearing a purple mesh single from Uniqlo and his diaper. The perfect outfit for hot summer days.
依家天氣熱, 著豬肉佬top就啱晒..XD


LyddieGal said...

He is always adorable, you must be the happiest mamma.

smallhead said...

豬肉佬top - hahaha

Like SC's choice of words, witty and hilarious d(^_^)b