Thursday, June 16, 2011

Family Night Walks - Hong Kong Night View

Here are some pics from our routine family night walks...
Night Walk
Papa stole a kiss...

Night Walk
It's not the destination, it's the journey. Heheheh

Night Walk
You gotta learn how to wait.

Night Walk
This cute little park has breathtaking night view!

Night Walk
BB M loving the sparkles of night lights

Night Walk
The obligatory flower shot.

Night Walk
Baby M enjoys riding on grandpa's shoulders...

Night Walk

Night Walk

Night Walk

Night Walk
And we're on our way home.
We love our night walks.
Every time a different experience.


Farah said...

This night walk is the kind of thing u can't do in Indonesia. Great shots. Now I miss HK :-).

sydneylyn said...

How I wish I could do the same thing here in the Philippines, but I just can't. But your pictures and captions makes me want to go to HK asap! :))

mommy to chumsy said...

This is a lovely post :)

eek said...

GORGEOUS photos! I wanna come visit ;)

Artist without a Muse said...

You are so lucky! Such a lovely walk to take with such wonderful family. The photos really tell a nice story!

deVina Wae said...

Wow, the pictures look so clean and sharp for night time photo session. Were you using 7D? :)

Ashley said...

Adorable pictures. I love the life lessons in between :)

Pei Lin said...

I love the night view of HK!!! Great shots there!