Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Navy Look & Gladiator Sandals for Boys - 海軍裝&角鬥士拖鞋男

Wore my Forever 21 navy dress last weekend.
Navy Look

Added a stripey navy cardi, and touches of tan here and there.
Navy Look\
I love this season's platform sandals. So light, so comfy, so walkable in!

And SC wore his stripey tee.
H&M Stripey Tee

I bought the tee for him from H&M, he probably didn't even know he had a stripey tee :)
H&M Stripey Tee

And his beloved gladiator sandals to show off his chipped nail colors :D
H&M Stripey Tee


eek said...

you guys look great!

gastronomous anonymous said...

gorgeous!!! i love your outfit :) dont think i can pull off a sailor look though!

Anonymous said...

im silent reader slama ini, naksir ama platform sandalnya, beli dimanaaa? merek apa? btw salam kenal^^

Unknown said...

salam kenal, sandalnya beli di some random shopping mall deket rumah...lagi musim jadi banyak yang jual dimana2. unbranded kok

Anonymous said...

oooo..you are so cute with that dress...

LyddieGal said...

I love your stripey cardi and the platform sandals - they do look comfy and still give you some height!

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