Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Spicing Up Promotional Tees - 自制TSHIRT

I spent last week and a few days in KL for work. My colleagues and I spent most of our time in the exhibition hall, clad in promotional tees. This is how my chic Bangkok colleagues and I spiced up our promotional tees.
上星期係馬拉做野, 企展位企左成個星期, 下面就係我D戰友
Spicing Up Promotional Tees
Vintage glasses, artsy facial hair, colorful flowy cardigan, a stylish pouch/sling bag to keep phones etc, headbands, leopard print blazer (on me, from Cotton On), cute promotional badges (very 80s!), sexy pin striped suit jacket on skinny jeans...plus...cute Asian poses!
個個都有唔同既style, 真係好正!
Spicing Up Promotional Tees
I love my Bangkok colleagues' style. Super chic!

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