Friday, June 3, 2011

Shopaholic Mama - Baby Wear Haul from KL 超級購物狂之馬拉BB衫篇

Shopaholic mama's just back from KL.
Despite the crazy busy schedule, I always managed to spare some moment to grab some stuff. I've bought so many things during this trip, I'm now officially broke. ^_^'
雖然去工幹我忙, 但係超級購物狂總係可以抽到時間去做"應該做"既事...

Look at all the cute baby tees I hauled from KL...
戰利品1, 傲B學影相衫
Baby wear hauled from KL
Photography themed tee from Anakku.

Baby wear hauled from KL
Cute vintage inspired tee from Cotton On Kids

Baby wear hauled from KL
Preppy polo tees from Hush Puppies, they're 50% off!
狗狗馬球衫, 半價!

Lucky I've bought slightly bigger sized tees, I just left baby Marcus for 1 week, and now he has 7 teeth (he had only 4 teeth when I left) and he's outgrown his medium size diaper! My boy is getting big!
好彩我特登買大D, 返到黎傲B由4隻牙生到7隻牙...咁要轉埋大碼尿片! 傲B真係開始大個仔啦!


Kelly said...

3 teeth in a week! Aww poor baby! Hope he didn't cause too much grief for Papa while you were away, and teething! They sure grow up really fast! too fast sometimes isn't it? x

LyddieGal said...

the camera tee is precious!