Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Super Cute Tools Belt Soft Toys from IKEA for My Little Sifu

My little sifu
I can't believe I forgot to blog about this. It's too cute! A soft toy tool belt!
The perfect soft toys for boys!

My little sifu
They're from IKEA, so affordable, they can be chewed or thrown on anything... perfect!

My little sifu
My little sifu is so busy busy busy...

My little sifu
You got somethin' needs fixin'?


mochaccinoland said...

hahaha! uber duper cute la! little sifu, can u help me fix my bathroom light plsssss?

eek said...

Those are too cute!!! So is he - growing so fast!

Ashley said...

ADORABLE!!! I'm gushing over this.

Chic McMuffin said...

Haha.. the belt is so cute! Next up - a yellow helmet! and Bob's your sifu!