Monday, February 20, 2012

"New" Vintage Dresses - Weekend Shopping

I love being out and about on weekends, maybe having a little bit of a couple day with SC when baby M is napping with grandma etc. A nice lunch, a stroll somewhere (even a stroll in a computer center) would be nice.

Last weekend, baby M was napping peacefully after spending his morning wreaking a havoc in the park...I wanted to go for a nice lunch with SC and maybe go to check out furniture or something. But he'd rather stay in. Pffft, so I just took matters into my own hands, aka...I went shopping! Lalalala~

Here are my "new" vintage finds!
They fit me and so so so comfy, I can't wait to wear them! <3 <3
Yellow Gray Vintage Dress
Comfy cotton, stripes and flattering on me! Yay!

Gray Pink Leaves Vintage Dress
This one needs a belt...I adore the sleeves!

Blue White Floral Vintage Dress
This is my favorite. I know. I love looking like some blue and white dinnerware..I can't help it!


Angelica said...

Love the striped one!

Glad you enjoyed your weekend. :)

mochaccinoland said...

"I love looking like some blue and white dinnerware..I can't help it!" u r super funny! hahaha!

i like the 2nd one. so sweet - both the colour the prints.

i don't have any luck with thrifting :(

Ashley said...

So very cute! I love all of them, including the dish one! ;)

I love dresses just as much as you, it seems.

Sue said...

i like the 2nd & 3rd one..the prints are very sweet :-)

Mrs Ergül said...

Rita! I almost forgot how you look like without the glasses until these photos!

lagourmande said...

I love your selection of vintage dresses...! Can you please tell me a few adresses of your favourite thrift shops in HKG ? I'm visiting at the end of the month.