Thursday, February 23, 2012

Grandma's Pastel Yellow Vintage Cardigan

Pastel Yellow Vintage Cardigan
Pastels are so hawt and I love them!

Pastel Yellow Vintage Cardigan
I regret I didn't steal this comfy pastel yellow cardi from grandma's place in China.

Pastel Yellow Vintage Cardigan
You can't see the cardi clearer here, I just wanna show what SC does when I say "pose".

These were some random pictures we took during our holiday in Guang Zhou. We stayed at grandma's place where almost everything's so vintage. It was so dang cold (well only 6C but's pretty cold for us) that we had to borrow layers after layers of grandma's clothes. You won't believe so many things I love from that wardrobe ;)

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Barbie said...

Rita! I love those curtains at Grandmother's house. SC looks awesome in that cardi and as usual, your photography is great. I can't believe how gig Marcus is getting!