Thursday, February 9, 2012

Baby Girl Sweater for Baby Boy

Baby M Outfit
SC is not my only victim. I made baby M wear girls clothes too!

Baby M Outfit
If it doesn't have any lace or girly puffy sleeves, why not, right?
They tend to be cheaper and there are more varieties. This gray sweater is the perfect example. Just very slightly flared at the hips. Other than that, it's pretty much unisex ;)
I love the faux suede patches on the arms too. The boys section didn't have anything like that.

Baby M Outfit
Just slapped on a slightly padded jacket and he's ready for the cool weather.
I did notice that he's outgrown this jacket, but it's so cute, I couldn't help but let him wear it a little longer...

baby gap jacket, H&M shirt-sweater-pants, hallmark socks
dimples? from his mama ;)


eek said...

So so cute! I would never have know the sweater was from the girl's dept if you hadn't said anything!

sydneylyn said...

it doesn't look like its for girls.. looks really nice on him and with the patches in the elbow - really good :)

LyddieGal said...

that sweater totally looks like it was meant for a boy, i would have never guessed!

(and i love your leopard luggage!)
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