Monday, June 8, 2009

Hong Kong Celebrity Sightings - Vincy & Sherman

Hmmm...they aren't exactly super famous, but they did have quite a bunch of crazy fans screaming out their names. They were there to judge a singing contest, organised by TVB.

Just like most celeb sightings...they were very tiny and skinny in person, although just as pretty.
To those who don't know who they are (and I am not surprised):
Left = Vincy Chan, she has a beautiful singing voice, used to look weird but now she's all HK-B- list-celeb polished
Right = Sherman Chung, I don't know much about her, apart from her hip hop look and dance skills

Hmm...interestingly, why do I NOT know who the hot guy on the right is...
A kind reader and a bunch of my friends told me that the hot guy is William, a winner of a singing competition, and a member of Sun Boyz, a boy band. He looks kinda delicious, doesn't he?

Gosh, I am too old for this.

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Anonymous said...

hi rita...i think that guy is william chen :)