Monday, June 29, 2009

Workin' Auntie's Tee

How to de-auntie-fied an auntie's tee?

What the heck is an auntie's tee?
Those tees sold in dept stores of shops frequented by aunties.
By age, I can be categorized as an auntie's too, but I just refuse to accept it ^_^

- Normally in hideous, unflattering patterns and colors
- Loose, unflattering cutting
- Made of super comfy cottony fabric
- Instantly adds 20 yrs to your age

How do we work it?

- Select a pattern which can be paired with something cute from your wardrobe

- Accessorize
- Tuck it in or belt it to create shape
- If you're willing to go further, alter it, slash the neck cut deeper, shorten or remove sleeves, adds shape to the waist etc (I wish I could do all that).

Here's a sloppier look of the ensemble (free waist, perfect for buffet dinners ^_^)

I wore it to work, casual Friday
Top = Sincere department store, ladies clothing section
Skirt = Kwai Chung Shopping Center
Necklace = Argyle Center and H&M
Belt = Argyle Center
Sandals = Union

1 comment:

LyddieGal said...

I love the tucked in and belted look, and I'd agree that shortening the sleeves would really help make the shirt look 10 years younger.