Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Perfect-for-Summer Toileteries

Although I am not crazy about the way the brand sounds "Cyber Colors"...I want my colors anything but cyber, right? We should look effortlessly, naturally beautiful after make up, instead of...well...digital.
But anyway, I love their retractable eyeliners, I am now using their blush, and when I purchased my cyber colors supply, Sasa was having a promotion, a free cyber colors body wash for purchases of cyber colors products over HK$180.

Ehm, I, just like everyone else, love freebies, but I also know that freebies normally suck. But I was pleasantly surprised. This body wash smells heavenly, super fresh, citrusy, a summer perfection.

If you aren't familiar with the scent of bergamot...it's the wonderful, refreshing, summery scent you smell every time you drink a cup of Earl Grey tea. I love love love it, and I shall buy a new bottle once I've done with this, it is normally retailed at HK$39.

For more Cyber Colors products, click here.

I don't normally buy toileteries, apart from the usual Pantene-Dettol combo, but last weekend, I was totally nuts! I spotted these mint scented goodies from a humble little shop (I will find the shop name later), and I am now hooked!

I know most people dislike mint scented things, cos they remind them of toothpaste/cough drop/gum scents, but I adore mint. Especially in summer. Imagine getting that zing from the mint while you were showering or moisturizing yourself....refreshing and cooling! Plus, the body lotion is super light, just perfect for these balmy days.

Go on, try and enjoy anything minty this summer, people ^_^

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