Monday, June 15, 2009

New Fragrance - Pretty by Elizabeth Arden

I was fresh outta fragrance. I only had a few drops of everything, I needed a bottle of something. Something new, something fresh, something that fits me.

Previously, I just purchased fragrance based on how they smell outta bottles. Nowadays, I can't afford that. I found that most fragrance turned sour on me a few seconds after spraying. Is it due to my high body temperature?

Anyway, nowadays I always try the potential ones on my skin. Finding something that doesnt turn sour on me proven challenging. All of the new releases, especially summery, citrusy scents...are hopeless on me.

Finally, I found this bottle. I tried not to try this one despite the popularity, because....well, I hate anything too popular and I hate the name "Pretty". It's just too obvious, it sounds like it's trying too hard and there's no subtlety at all.

However, out of desperation, I finally tried it on my skin, and I was pleasantly surprised. The scent remained pretty on me. Fresh, floral, and without a hint of vinegary scent on my skin. Score!

50 ml bottle = HK$292 from Sasa.

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