Friday, June 26, 2009

Current Hot Topic - Boys over Flowers

OK. This is something I am not proud of, it took a lot of me to admit this in writing ^_^'

But, I am hooked on this cliche fairy-tale romance, Boys over Flowers.
It's a Korean version (yes it has been made into a few versions) of a Japanese manga, Hana Yori Dango. I won't talk about the story, if you're from Asia, you probably know it from the ever so popular Taiwanese version, Meteor Garden. If not, you can read all about it here.

(Remember these hotnesses?)

Yes, imagine me, an old hag, drooling, swooning, crying, laughing, gawking at a bunch of young boys. Arrrghhh. I didn't even wanna believe what I am saying.

But why?
A few reasons:
1. hot guys
2. fairy tale romance
3. eye candy set decor and costume
4. hot guys
5. entertainment value
6. hot guys
7. happy ending
8. hot guys

How hot exactly?

Sizzling. Don't you think?

But are we that shallow? Is physical beauty the only thing we're after?
Ehm, pretty much. Haha! Kidding. Maybe not the only thing, but it does play an important part in the commercial success of the series. Choose a bunch of ugly guys and let's see if they could earn a penny.

Sous chef could never understand why the heck girls (including old ladies) would fall for such a predictable story of a prince falling in love with a humble nobody.

I guess deep (deep deep DEEP) down inside, who doesn't dream of being loved by a prince-like character (tall, dark, handsome, smart, rich, and loving?). It's almost every little girl's dream (blame in on Disney)!

It's just like every little boy's dream to save the world with fantasy gadgets/robots, fighting enemies from galaxies far far away, with a hot love story with a sizzling hot girl on the side.

I guess we are all the same.

If sous chef loving the heroic character-gadgets-robots-world saving story-and-hot girl combo is considered normal, then so is my loving cheesy romance full of hot guys.

Now now now...we are not that shallow, we don't only love hotness. We love our hotnesses to come with certain characteristics.

I love below character the most, as he reminds me of the old sous chef.
Confident, straight to the point, knows exactly what he wants and willing to die going after it.
Don't we all love a character who's rough and mean to others, whose eyes only lights up when he sees the love of his life, whose sweet smiles and tenderness are only hers? Rough on the outside but tender on the inside, just like a piece of good steak ^_^
PS. Don't we love this character even more if they were played by actors who look like these guys?

(Jerry Yan - Taiwan's Daomingsi and Lee Min Ho - Korea's Gu Jun Pyo)

...and don't we all want a faithful admirer. A guy who will always stay by our side, who always helps, protects and comforts us when we're having a problem with the main star, who loves us no matter what, even if we don't love him back?
Wouldn't be even better if the guy plays various musical instruments and sometimes serenades us with his angelic-beautiful voice?
and ofcourse, it'd also be nice if the guy is drop dead gorgeous, like these guys...

Vic Zhou - Taiwan's Hua Ze Lei

Kim Hyun Joong - Korea's Yun Ji Hoo

Look at them! Young, chic and pretty. No wonder ladies go crazy about them.
How crazy exactly?
There are people who:
- want to get the exact phones they use in the series
- want to visit Korea (from countries far far away) just to watch their concert or get a glimpse of these guys
- are willing to pay for big bucks to attend a fan club meeting
The producers really know how to make money eh?

Am I one of them? Ehm, not yet.
I borrow the DVDs or watch the series from a FREE online streaming sites.
So much for a huge fan.

I spent my days chit chatting with my girlfriends about this current obsession (I consider those days well spent). Check out whom she drools at at her blog, Athena's Little C9 (the article is written in Chinese, but plenty of hot guys to gawk at).


alisa said...

oh I love Hana Yori Dango!!! Such a good story<3

LyddieGal said...

I love, love, LOVED watching the japanese hana yori dango.... probably the best 20 hours of japanese drama i've ever seen.

I'll have to check this one out....

Anonymous said...

I have watched the movie I love Korean drama and I totally loved this one ;)