Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hair and Makeup Makeover

My good friend Peewee. Naturally beautiful. Nice eyes, great smile, and super soft, fine, straight, hair and lots of it.

At a recent conference, I offered a makeover session for her, just trying out a different look, adding an extra excitement to the already hectic exhibition. So, one early morning, before our exhibition started, while we are preparing some materials, we squeezed in a makeover time!

Hair: I added soft curls using a ceramic curling iron
it's instant glamour!

Make up:
- Eyes: she loves winter colors and picked a pale and sparkly teal shadow for the day. I added a touch of peach shadow, thick dark brown gel liner and lenghtening+volumizing mascara to create depth and width to her eyes
- Cheeks: her skin is sensitive to blush, so I added the blush digitally. Oppps
- Lips: she put on her own lipstick, the shade of summer peach, on her full and luscious lips
- I removed her braces digitally. It wasn't necessary, but if you've ever worn braces before, it's a nice break not to see them sometimes ^_^

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