Friday, June 19, 2009

Print and Solid Colors

Another great catch from In Fashion!
I love how the elastic top of the dress fits me perfectly, giving enough room for the bust and sits nicely under the bust. Normally Hong Kong little summer dresses don't do that.
They normally stop somewhere in the middle of my chest, leaving me looking waistless. Eeck!
Plus, I love the print and the color combo of this comfy cotton fabric.
When I bought it, I knew I had tons of stuff in the colors of the print.

Too colorful for work? Maybe, but a depressing mid week needs a little cheering up, and as long as I didn't get a complaint from HR, I think we're good. ^_^

Dress = In Fashion/In&Out
Cardigan = Factory Outlet, Sunway Pyramid, KL
Necklace = Argyle Centre, Mongkok
Shoes = Vincci, KL

Here's a closer look of the print.

I feel so cheerful already!

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Ashley said...

LOVE the dress. I am obsessed with flowers!