Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Another Work Vintage

Another thrift find which is perfect for work.
Wear it under a work jacket...

...or without...

Love the pattern, the colors and of course...the buttons.
Clashed it with floral, accented it with golds, modernize it with a pair of grey tights and gold studded gladiator sandals.

Oh gosh, you can see my midnight blue nail color under that grey tights.

Love this brooch. Sweet and vintagey, although it is actually not a vintage.

This look-good-with-anything reds are one of my favorite nail colors.

Top = thrifted
Necklace = Tsuen Wan, HK$20
Brooch = forgot where it's from....
Jacket = G2000
Skirt = Cotton On, HK$99
Shoes = Kwai Chung Plaza
Tights = forgot, probably Argyle Centre
Bag = H&M
Nails = Revlon (my favorite discounted nail polish brand)

This ensemble's on ModCloth's Style Inspiration.
Go on, check 'em out, you know you want to :)


Duni said...

What a cool outfit, Rita!
You're sure to stand out among the 'suits' in this one :)

Awww...we should have got together while I was in Hong Kong and gone to Sham Shui Po together! Maybe next the way, I found the Indonesian Restaurant which you so kindly informed me about months ago (the one behind Sogo). The food was SO yummy - the waitress was a bit...hmmm. Great experience though!

And good luck to you on my giveaway!

take care,


Richard said...

Hi there!

I am a writer for and used one of your images in today's Style Inspirations blog. Thanks for creating such a cool outfit!


Mochachocolata Rita said...

Hi Duni,
We should totally arrange a get together next time you visit hk.

Hi Richard,
Gosh, I am so honored! Thanks so much!