Monday, October 5, 2009

Outdoor Photo Hunting Outfit

I love it when I have somewhere to go and something to do on weekends apart from roaming from mall to mall, buying things I don't need, spending money with amazing speed.

I especially love it when the said activity is adventurous, cheap and extra productive. Last weekend's activity was exactly all that.

I went to Hong Kong wetland park.
- It was certainly adventurous, as I haven't been before, didn't know my way around Tin Shui Wai and got pretty much super lost on my way there.
- It was relatively cheap, compared to a trip to H&M. Bus fare = HK$9.60 per trip, admission fee HK$30 per person, Cafe de coral meal HK$30something per person
- and it was super productive indeed. I came back with a gadzillion files of photos I am too lazy to edit and upload, and the few hours walking totally worked my legs.

The activity, the weather and the terrain explained my outfit. I had to wear something comfy, no short skirt as I might have to bend over backwards to take shots of creepy crawlies such as this one:

My macro lens dramatically decreased my hatred towards insects and creepy crawlies.

Imagine wearing heat absorbing black under fierce sunshine. It's no fun, so I wore light colors, a straw fedora to protect my scalp and a huge pair of shades to hide my totally un-made up face.

Comfy footwear is absolutely required for the long trek. Remember sunscreen, mosquito repellent, water and don't forget to keep looking fabulous.

See the full photo album here.

T-shirt = Kwai Chung Plaza, HK$39
Shorts = from my sis, Nevada, Jakarta
Straw fedora = Kwai Chung Plaza, HK$59
Shoes = Caterpillar
Shades = Fa Yuen St Market, HK$29
Camera = Canon EOS400D
Lens = Canon 60mm, f/2.8 macro

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u really enjoy your life at HK.....hikz * iri mode on*