Friday, October 9, 2009

My New Hair Cut

When I pointed out a picture from a magazine as a reference for my hair stylist, I shall never expect the same result. He briefly glanced at the reference, told me that there's gonna be no problem...then...
snip, snip, iron, iron, snip, snip...
and voila!
Expect something totally different fromt he reference.

Don't get me wrong, I love my stylist to bits and won't blame him for the difference.

It's bound to be different!
- I don't have her face
- My hair can't be colored that light (I have LOTS of gray hair)
- I don't have her hair
- I don't have her clothes
- I don't have her body
...the list could go on forever.

As of now, I can't recognise myself in the mirror.
I think this style kinda makes me look idiotic.
You likey?


vix said...

um, i actually love your new hairstyle! i think it suits you and frames your features nicely!!!

Connie said...

omg, u look like those 17 year old jap school girls!!

how come u never age!?!?

Kyla said...

I lovey!

Anonymous said...

I luuvvv it! You look so young adn pretty! =)

alisa said...

awwww I think it looks cute<3 very chic!

ebys said...

It's nice! Next time, when you want an honest answer, you should go to the salon called new wave i think, kowloon area. hairstylist, jerry or something. :) he's good.

therry said...

I love it Rits, it's so you :) Perhaps when it grows a bit more, you will feel more comfortable styling it in your usual style :)