Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rockin' My Rain Boots

During my mom and my sis visit in Hong Kong, we were blessed with sunny days, except for the last 2 days when it rained cats and dogs.

No point sitting around and feel gloomy, it was a great time to rock my rain boots :p

If you're bored of my recent obsession with rock-chick look...too bad, cos I am still loving it and I wanna wear all of my metal studded stuff before they get outdated :p

Were the rain boots effective? Very very! My feet were dry despite the crazy rain
Were they comfy? Yes!
Could my feet breathe? I didn't think so ;)

Tee & rain boots= Kwai Chung Plaza, HK$39
Skirt = Body and Soul, Jakarta, circa long long time ago
Bangles = Fa Yuen St Market and sous chef's
Bag = Fa Yuen St Market

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