Friday, October 2, 2009

Batik Rocks - Indonesian Chic

Despite being in Hong Kong, to celebrate UNESCO's decision to list Indonesian Batik to its Intangible Cultural Heritage list, today, together with fellow Indonesians everywhere, I am proud to rock my batik.

My favorite batik dress with rocker accessories.
What can I say?
Batik rocks!

Batik dress = Mal Ambassador, Jakarta
Faux leather vest = In&Out, Mongkok
Rocker-inspired belt = Zara
Ninja boots, Rocker-inspired bag, silver bangle = Fa Yuen St Market
Black leather bangle = borrowed from sous chef, from Shi Lin Market, Taipei

Stay chic, wear your batik.


Anonymous said...

wow.....ternyata orang indo juga...btw keren sepatunya...nyari di indo sepatu begituan susah

Anonymous said...

ini alamat yang bener

dewi said...

you should see jakarta on that day... it's like a batik nation.
beautiful sight.
i was thrilled and touched, turn out our nasionalism is still alive.

congrats indonesia!!!

Batik Dress said...

wach, keren juga batiknya