Friday, October 23, 2009

Cute Boys Jackets

Don't we all love a doll character with whom we can play dress up/dress down?
I never played much with dolls when I was a kid...which is probably why now I love treating people sous chef as a doll.

There was a period of time when sous chef would refuse to purchase or even look at anything related to fashion (classic) and would wear nothing but an old tee and a pair of raggedy old (albeit expensive) shorts for a month straight.

I am so glad those days are over.

These days, he'd cooperate and even enjoy being dressed up/down, accessorized, hair being molded into ridiculous shapes, or being made up, eyeliners and all. The only thing I had to say was "you'd better wear/do it before everyone else does". Lalala~

It was a mid week, and we were getting a birthday gift for a friend, and I spotted these cute jackets. I couldn't help but have sous chef tried them on, and it all went downwards from there.
These jackets were too cute not to be purchased.
Paired them with bright colors, simple black pants, cute little bow ties or slim polka dotted neckties...

How cute is the cutting and...those buttons!

OK, that pose was uncalled for.

Jackets = Sino Plaza, Mongkok, HK$350 each
Shirt - Hang Ten, Tsuen Wan, HK$39
White bow tie = Ladies market, HK$39
Slim polka dotted neck tie = Yau Ma Tei, HK$20
Faux snakeskin belt = H&M, HK$129
Pants = Choocolate, HK$2xx (forgot)
Shoes = These are not shoes, these are sandals @Walkershop, HK$399


Robin said...

I love his green and white striped shirt!

J said...

The black one with the white piping is very cute!