Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sweet Shirt & Tie

It's no secret that I love girly versions of boyish stuff.
This time, it's a dress shirt, in sweet stripy color, feminine puffy silhouette, paired with a thin polka dotted tie...

A beret....

Cute lil pouch...

Black tights with cute bow pattern and black pumps.

I wiped out any of the manliness that could've left on the tie and shirt. It's all girly girl.

Shirt dress = FCUK, HK$1xx
Tie = No name shop in Jordan, HK$10
Tights = Fa Yuen St Market, HK$15
Beret, Pouch & Shoes = H&M

Wore this to the immigration yesterday, of cos that lil pouch isn't enough to store my stuff. I also carried a huge bag of documents :p

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