Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mixed Patterns, Boys Boots, Happy New Year!

Happy with what you wore throughout 2009?
I am.
2009's the year where I mixed and match everything to the max!
Colors, patterns, style, boys, girls, old, new, cheap, lux...everything!

Plus, this is the year where sous chef has actually been interested in fashion.
He initiated quite a bit of fashion related purchases this year, including fedora hats, harem pants, skinny jeans, cowl necked tees, and these fabulous lookin' boots!
He even wore eyeliner out once.

Thus, I love 2009, but I'm gonna make 2010 even more fashionably satisfying for sc and me.

Happy new year, everybody!
Have a great one!


Ashley said...

happy new year!!!!!

Rica said...

Is that Kenneth?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHA!! I can't picture out Kenneth! LOL! Maybe I'm used to seeing Kenneth before with boring office clothes way back. LOL. Oh well, Happy New Year Rita! Hope we could catch up one day soon!