Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Red Bits with My Zara Dress

Red Bits

Remember my lunch time shopping last time?
I bought this lovely Zara dress...and here's how I wore it with reds...
Red Bits
Red this...red that...and my Celine handbag which has not been going out for a longgg time (it's not big enough to carry my giant camera, and now I've changed my camera to a smaller one ^_*)

Red Bits
It might be the most boring way to wear it, but it's so me :D

Dress= Zara, HK$199
Cardi = Fa Yuen St Market, HK$39
Hair band = Mongkok
Shoes = M&S
Bag = Celine


Pei Lin said...

Love this dress! It is so bump-friendly!!

The Collar of the Dove said...

lovely colour combination!

Duni said...

Love the combination with red! It really pops. And your bump is barely visible in this dress!
Next time I'm in HK, I need to check out Fa Yuen Street Market. You seem to get loads of good deals there...

btw, are you on Facebook?

Mochachocolata Rita said...

yes ladies, the dress is absolutely bump friendly :D

duni, i am so totally on facebook :D

Angelica said...

It is very YOU, very girly and classic. :) You look great in headbands!

Shierly said...

its SO you! love it! you look gorgeous :)

Jane Milton said...

I love love love your dress! It looks amasing on you. I wonder if they have it here.

Have you thought about belting the dress above your baby bump? You're so skinny (really) and it's a shame that you can't see your lovely figure more.

Mochachocolata Rita said...

hi jane...unless the belt is super stretchy...belts kinda make me feel miserable these days T_T