Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Will You Forgive A Boy for Wearing A Hello Kitty Tee?

Will you?
Boy in Hello Kitty Tee

Will you?
Boy in Hello Kitty Tee

Will you?
Boy in Hello Kitty Tee
Please don't blame SC for this.
I talked him into it...bless him for his willingness to play along and for letting me blog this :)
I tried to slap on as many manly looking accessories as possible, but not sure if it helped :D

He couldn't help but laugh at himself in the above picture.

PS. Do you like the hair styling?

On SC:
- My Hello Kitty Tee from H&M
- Polo Tee
- H&M shorts
- Converse shoes
- Initial belt
- leather bracelet from Taipei
- Bola necklace from Jax
- Turquoise earring from Gala shopping mall, Mongkok


Duni said...

I LOVE Hello Kitty :)
Looks cool on your partner!!

dewi said...

say yay for guys in hello kitty. kitty love has no boundaries :)

Jackie said...

Funny that you put the bola necklace on him - is he expecting a wee one, too? ;)

Boys can wear Hello Kitty just as much as they can wear pink, yo!

Jax x