Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Too Cute To Be True - Polo Baby Tee

Polo Baby Tee
SC has been telling me (repeatedly), NOT to buy any clothes for lil' SC as he will stay at home most of the time and he will grow faster than I can spell "speedy"...but he finally decided that lil' SC deserves at least one nice outfit.

We know lil' SC is gonna grow out of this outfit in a few minutes...but we couldn't help it!
How cute!!!
Polo Baby Tee
Initially, SC planned to buy a pink one to match his own polo tee, so that both Big and Lil' SC can wear them together, but we thought better of it. We don't want people to think that lil' SC is a lil' we chose this blue stripey one instead. Plus, it has a bigger discount ;)

SC says I can buy another cute outfit for the next age bracket (this one is for new born, so, later I can buy the one for 3-6 mths and so on ^_*)


Jason said...

preppy! I like! he is going to be so cuteeeee! :)

Angelica said...

With you as his mum, he'll always be stylin'! Lil' SC is going to have nicer clothes than me, lol.

Hope you're having fun shopping for two. :)

Sydneylyn said...

super cute!! :)

Jane Milton said...

Is there a Costco in HK? I know there is one in Seoul. I got the cutest Calvin Klein little boy outfits for my friend's baby for a really good price. You should check it out.

Pei Lin said...

How cute! We spotted loads of adorable clothing for my newphew at GAP too!

Pei Lin said...

How cute! We spotted loads of adorable clothing for my newphew at GAP too!

LyddieGal said...

Awwww how cute!! I can't wait to see the photos!

Chic on the Cheap

Michelle said...

Hi Rita, I really enjoy reading your blogs alot. Love both your food and life in HK entries. I have a 14 months old baby girl and I love buying clothes for her :) I just want to share with you that you might want to get the Polo Baby Tee in size 3-6 months instead. This is because you do not know what size your baby will be when he is born and he may not fit into NB size. Cheers!