Tuesday, August 17, 2010

SC's Bday Gifts 2010

SC's Bday Gifts 2010
SC's bday is coming up and I had been squeezing every single brain cell that I have left (which is not much) thinking what to buy for him T_T...

First I thought of...something...anything related to iPhone. I thought of an iPhone stand/charger/speaker all-in-one. I tested SC's reaction to this idea by bringing him out shopping for one. He kept saying "What the heck would you want this for? You could play the songs through your computer, this is absolutely useless."


...and he proceeded to think that I was the one who wanted the speaker, and probably was planning to buy me one for my bday in December.


I asked SC, if he wanted an iPad...he said no bloody way.


I didn't want to buy him any fashion-related stuff as it would be predictable, and I can't buy him any XBOX games as he normally buys second hand games and a brand new game would be overpriced and thus ridiculous for me to buy.

Again & again.

Finally, one fine evening, while waiting for dinner with friends, we came across HARE (Sale) in Miramar Shopping Center TST, and saw some trendy pants and overalls, on sale!
SC's Bday Gifts 2010
It reminded me that he has been wanting denim overalls forever, so I told him if the liked them, I'd buy him one as his bday gift. He tried the dark blue denim one (too conspicuous, too Super Mario Bros) and this grey one, which I thought was lovely, just a wee bit Super Mario-ish ;) but still cute and the length has a bit of an edge to it.

SC's Bday Gifts 2010
He didn't want it!!!
We went to dinner without buying, and I felt heart broken as the gift situation has not been resolved.

Once we got home, I told him that since we'd be attending a party the next evening, it'd be nice to be able to wear the overalls...I haven't seen anyone wearing them yet, he could be the one!

I should've said these key words yesterday. As soon as he heard this, he couldn't wait to have the overalls. All he wanted was the overalls. He insisted that we go to the shop and buy the overalls before the party, and he'd wear it there and then, to the party. I told him to buy the next day...and OMG, he could NOT wait.

So we went, we bought, and he wore it to his bday party.

He is known as someone who is quite open-minded in terms of fashion, and some of our friends gave some fashionable items indeed...
SC's Bday Gifts 2010
Vincent and Amy bought him these fabulous gladiator sandals...

Carrie bought him this cool looking belt...
SC's Bday Gifts 2010

New parents Joe and Athena gave him this leg massager...
SC's Bday Gifts 2010
...for my benefit! :D heheheh

...and the ever so witty Sir A bought him this...
SC's Bday Gifts 2010
a laptop/book "table" from GOD. LOLs!

Hope this post could give you some ideas, in case you need to buy a gift for a guy.
I ain't easy ;)


Crystal said...

Guys are SO difficult to buy for. They either like video games or tools and both are ridiculously expensive. Books are always a safe bet with my boyfriend, same with baked goods!

Pei Lin said...

How sweet of you! I planned a surprise bday party for my hubby last year. This year was simple with no gifts, if I remember right! haha

LyddieGal said...

SC is too much -- he only wanted them when you told him he'd be the fashion pioneer? Hahha.
They look cute though, and it's nice to pay homage to super mario ;)