Thursday, August 26, 2010

the Unforgivable - A Boy in Another Hello Kitty Outfit

Although some of you find this unforgivable...
Hello Kitty on Boys
...but since I still have another set of pictures of SC in my Hello Kitty tee...what the heck, let's post them.

Normally, I'd pick his outfit down to the accessories...
Hello Kitty on Boys
...but this time he wanted to wear his gladiator sandals.

Did the manly sandals help?
Hello Kitty on Boys
Did the rock n roll accessories help?
Did the trying so hard to look mean expression help?

How about with glasses?
Hello Kitty on Boys
PS. I love the hood of this tee.

...I was going for the cute geek look.
Hello Kitty on Boys
Kitty sees no evil.

SC wanted this pose...
Hello Kitty on Boys
He loves his gladiator sandals THAT much!

Tee = Kwai Chung Plaza, HK$138 (mine)
Pants = Maple, HK$69 (mine again)
Gladiator sandals = SC's bday gift from A&V
Glasses = mine, damn, I forgot where I've got them from...
Earrings, bracelet, bangle = SC's from Mongkok, Taipei, and Temple St


Pei Lin said...

you guys share your clothes so much do you all fight over it like my sister and I do?

Jane Milton said...

Are there a lot of dudes wearing Hello Kitty in HK? I like the first outfit better, but love the glasses on this one.

The glasses reminds me of this necklace, which I got.

Btw, I realised my comment was on the wrong post! Ooops. But I think you got the idea. ^^

Mochachocolata Rita said...

Pei Lin, nah, we don't fight, cos I can tell him which clothes I want him to wear :D

Jane, LOVE the necklace you've bought! So cute! hahahah this in-your-face hello kitty in its classic colors could be scary on a guy indeed...i too love the glasses ;)

LyddieGal said...

I love that SC lets you style him in your clothes!
I think I like the first hello kitty tee look better, but he can totally pull them both off!

Chic on the Cheap

Ashley said...

the glasses look good on him, the hello kitty tee is a NO. hahaha. Sorry :)