Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Baby Fever

No, I wasn't referring to the kind where everyone's wanting to have babies babies babies.
Marcus - Fever
Marcus had a fever last night.
It was the night after his 2-months vaccination.
Fever is a normal reaction.

He was pretty cool with it.
He still ate as normal.
He didn't fuss much.
He talked much.
He even smiled a lot.

But SC and I, we were panicking like a fish outta water.
Can't blame us, we're new parents.
New parents are crazy.
New parents are ridiculous.
We know.

When the fever hits 38.1C, we gave him acetaminophen and stuck a cooler pack on his forehead, and he's back on track.
And by that, I mean the unusual quietness, cooing and smiling were gone, back to his old bouts of crying.

1 comment:

Angelica said...

I'm glad he seems to be doing better!

If it's any consolation, babies who cry more tend to be healthier. Haha, he has healthy lungs and knows how to use them!

Hope you're not losing too much sleep! :)