Friday, November 26, 2010

Casual Friday - Plaid Shirt, Oversized Sweater & Floral Pants

I hardly post today's outfit real time.
Normally, there's at least one day lag.
Plaid Shirt, Oversized Sweater & Floral Pants - Casual Friday
Despite how "anyhow" and messy my posts look, I do put in a lot of efforts.
Taking the pictures, selecting the pictures, editing, blablabla.
But today, I just want to post this outfit real time. If you're reading this post 26 November 2010 from 6pm - 10 pm HKT, I'd still be wearing this exact outfit :D

As always, I love a mix of patterns. Again, it looks as if I don't care, messy and mismatched.
Plaid Shirt, Oversized Sweater & Floral Pants - Casual Friday
But believe me, I do care.
Some thoughts went into every piece of clothing, although not that much. Heheheh.
Except bags. I don't really think about bags.
That's why my bag doesn't seem to go with my outfits and is hardly included in my outfit pictures :D
I'll try to do better progressively ;)

Hmmm...what's inside that little Naraya bag that doesn't match my outfit? Ahem. Breast pump. Heheheh. TMI!

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LyddieGal said...

hehe, i hardly ever post outfit photos while i'm still in the oufit... but no matter, you look adorable in this - yes, the mixed prints are so fun!

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