Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My New Name Cards - the Perks of Having A Graphic Designer Sister

I had an event tonight and a dumb ass that I am...I forgot my blogging name cards!
Desperate, I was so close to hand writing some name cards, until I finally thought of using a famous software...
Microsoft Excel :D
Look at my spectacular design!
Name Cards
Please laugh at me, I deserve it!

Luckily, my sis is a graphic designer and she had a bit of time between meetings, so I didn't have to embarrass myself with the above monstrosity.
She designed a super cute design for me in just a few minutes!
And I love love LOVE it!

During my lunch time, I bought a couple of colored paper, had them printed and cut.
Name Cards
Polka dots and bow...so pretty!
You like?
Do you have name cards for your blog? Show me yours!


sydneylyn said...

wow!! it looks really good!! I don't have one but when I saw yours, it makes me one to have one also hahaha... I wanted to make my own calling cards before, and it looks just like the first one you did :)))

noobcook said...

omg so so pretty!!!

Pei Lin said...

That's really cute! I love it! I designed one for my little baking biz but i have yet to print them. Maybe I ought to!

Jackie said...

Ha, awesome! Fast, cheap and gorgeous. Bless your sister ;)

Jax x

eliza said...

very cute! I have name card but it's printed & not made by myself so I can't show it here :D

chennydoank said...

Super cute n soooo RIta!!!

Charlie Chan said...

LOL, Rita! How are you?!

Long time no read on your blog, so I back read. hehehe. Got mine for the chapsuey blog.