Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vintage Lensless Glasses

Current favorite squeeze...
Vintage Lensless Glasses
A pair of vintage lensless glasses!

Stupid? Ridiculous? Silly? Crazy?
Vintage Lensless Glasses
Who cares!
They don't have cheap plastic lenses that make my head spin, they look good with my new bob, they make my face look smaller...

Whatever makes me cuter = good!
I need all the help I could get :p

Vintage lensless glasses = gift from my sis


Angelica said...

Haha, my mom wore the same big glasses in the 80s. Apparently trends recycle. Hold onto them! :)

Pei Lin said...

Oh! I adore this new look of yours!!! love it!

Jackie said...

I love these! You look adorable. I actually wear contacts but for a while there totally wanted to get lensless glasses, just for the look. But that might be a little more silly for me.

Jax x

dewi said...

waw that new haircut goes with everything. love the glasses on u, i'm gonna buy it in another color, asap!

Ashley said...

they are actually quite cute :)