Monday, November 22, 2010

Uniqlo Grey Hoodies That Looks Good with Everything & Floaty Pink Dress

Floaty Pink + Comfy Grey
Remember this Uniqlo hooded jacket?
Love love love it!

I wear it with everything, I'll try to post as many combos as I can.

I wore it with this pretty floaty pink dress...
Floaty Pink + Comfy Grey

...and airy pink headband.
Floaty Pink + Comfy Grey

I don't think the following pose is for me.
Floaty Pink + Comfy Grey
I look as if I was having a stomachache.

Stomachache pose aside, do you like this outfit?
How would you wear this hooded jacket?

I tried to wear this hoodies and make myself look fierce and sexy, but it didn't exactly work :D
I kinda like the hoodies on a maxi dress ;)


dewi said...

dreamy! what a great combo!!!

Jing said...

i would wear that hoodie jacket with denim pants or it! :)
great blog.

Joan said...

Great combination - who would've thought that the two contrasting items would look so pretty together - you've got an eye for matching unlikely women's clothing together!

Anonymous said...

oh i love!!!!!! i would wear that hoodie jacket :)

Lidia Sianturi said...

love d me more of d dress only...hehe