Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Baby Marcus' Summer Hats 傲B與帽

Shopaholic mama couldn't resist buying many quite a few (ahem) summer hats for baby Marcus.
傲媽基本上係購物狂, 見到有乜得意BB野, 唔睇價錢就買架啦..
Baby Marcus' Summer Hats
It's from H&M, HK$49?
哩頂係H&M買, $49

This one's mama's favorite. It protects against the sun, in cool and comfortable cotton material, and it's so damn cute.
傲媽最鐘意哩頂, 又蓋到太陽, 又通爽, 又得意!

Baby Marcus' Summer Hats
This one's from grandma. It's a steal at HK$20!
哩頂嫲嫲買, $20!

Baby Marcus' Summer Hats
It's also made of super comfy cotton, and it looks like a smiley raccoon with checkered ears.
哩頂都好舒服, 仲有隻浣熊係度笑

Baby Marcus' Summer Hats

This one's a bit too warm...
Baby Marcus' Summer Hats

...but it looks cute too!

Baby Marcus' Summer Hats
From H&M, HK$49.
係H&M買, $49

Naturally, photoholic mama also couldn't resist taking hundreds of shots of baby Marcus in his summer hats ^_^'


Liverella said...

With baby like him, I wouldnt be able to resist too! Want to bite that soft bakpao cheeks...

Kelly said...

Love them all! Especially that fisherman's hat! K's got one too. Unfortunately, he hates hats with a passion!

sydneylyn said...

The second hat looks really good and cute on him! Baby Marcus is just super duper adorable no matter what!!! ^.^

Ashley said...

he posed for you!!! :)