Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First Baby Seat Experience 傲B第一次坐BB櫈

Babies grow real fast.
This was baby Marcus' first day at home.
Teeny tiny.

Lil' Marcus - First Day at Home

...and about 8 months later...
Baby Seats
He looks so....mature!
Sometimes I don't realize how big he is now.

This was his first time in a baby chair.
We thought he was gonna hate it, but he didn't he loved it.
It made it easier for us too, we could all eat at the same time...and most of the time, we could use both of our hands ^_^'
大家都以為佢一定唔鐘意坐, 會喊, 但係估唔到佢好鐘意喎!
對我地黎講實左係太好了, 我地終於都可以有餐安樂茶飯食啦..

Baby Seats
He banged his little hands on the glass table the whole time, the restaurant manager came over and told us to stop. Oppps.
佢係咁用隻手好興奮咁打張枱, 打到比個經理出黎鬧佢..XD


sydneylyn said...

wow!! Baby Marcus really sure is growing too fast.. :> And making him stay on his baby seat sure is something! :D

gastronomous anonymous said...

WOW! he has grown up SOOOO Much! so cute though... growing into a boy now.. not a baby no more :)

Shirley said...

Hi Rita,

Long time no see! I've been so busy I have not been able to drop by to say hi! Hope all is well over at your end. Baby Marcus is sooo big now! How time flies!

Ashley said...

he is adorable...and seriously a big boy!!!!