Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Baby Marcus Making A Splash 傳說中嘅傲B已學識奧義BB式

Seeing how baby Marcus splashes around like mad every bath time, making the whole bathroom wet, we couldn't wait to bring him out swimming.
傲B次次沖涼都好興奮咁玩水, 玩到成個廁所都濕晒, 我地諗佢一定係好鐘意玩水啦..XD
Baby Marcus Swimming Gear
We bought him a pair of swimming shorts with a diaper lining. We made a mistake by buying a size too big. Tips to parents, buy an exact fit if possible, or risk cheek exposure :D
新買左條泳褲比傲B, 內連尿片功能(好神奇的說). 諗住買大D冇蝕低, 諗吓諗吓都係買啱啱大細好D, 因為落水再上水好容易Love(甩褲同音..)...

Baby Marcus Swimming Gear

We also bought a pair of floaty balloon thing you put on baby's arms...and there were only girly ones available. Papa, being a shopping hater that he is, refused to look around further, and just bought this little pink number. Sigh...
我地都買左對浮浮手袖, 諗住吹起佢可以一野扔傲B落水..

Baby Marcus Swimming Gear

These pink things intrigued baby Marcus.

Baby Marcus Swimming Gear
Gee...these look....

對傲B黎講, 都係愛黎食最好
Baby Marcus Swimming Gear
These floaty arm balloons were pretty much useless. They were too big for baby Marcus, and he could still easily dip his head into water...I wouldn't recommend them.
大家如果未買小朋友遊水裝備, 千其唔好買哩個..作用不大...(係七個月大黎講..), 因為佢唔識撐個頭上黎, 照飲泳池水..

We were waiting for the perfect weather to go swimming, last Sunday wasn't perfect, it was cloudy, and it was still a bit too cold, but since we were desperate, we brought him swimming anyway. Luckily, it was sunny when we got there. We were the only ones in the toddler's fun pool. The guards were really strict though. We thought of letting baby Marcus swim in his clothes because it was a bit cold, but the guard reminded us that we had to make him wear a proper swim wear. We might buy a full body swim suit for him...
泳褲就一早買左, 但係天氣就日日都唔好, 一係就落雨, 一係就凍, 等等等, 終於等到上星期日, 雖然個日都仍然係陰天同凍, 但係我地實左認唔住啦!!! 好彩出到去個天即刻出太陽同熱(即係傲B唔係貴人, 唔會招風雨..XD) 去到BB池, 得我地三個人係度...乜人都冇..但係有個好串嘅救生員係喥, 我地一到就行過嚟我地喥下個馬威先, 叫我地同傲B入去更衣室換衫, 唔可以係出面換, 仲要唔比傲B著住衫嚟玩水, 我心諗, 喂, 出面班港女都著住t-shirt黎遊水啦, 怕人望佢呀嘛, 傲B因為凍著住件衫有咩唔得, 但係我地都係算啦, 冇乜幾可帶住傲B去遊水

In the beginning, he was a bit scared of the vast pool of cool water. After we splashed around for a bit, he got used to it and had a bit of fun. We'll bring him again soon when the weather's warmer.
一開始佢係勁驚, 比人撳左個暫停制咁, 郁都唔郁吓, 同平時沖涼完全唔同..我地輪流另起佢係水裏面滑行, 玩左一陣佢就回魂啦, 係咁拍水, 拍完D水花淺到塊面又扁咀, 但係又忍唔住要拍..係咁開心拍, 淺水扁咀, 開心, 唔開心...咁就玩左作個鐘..

We were not allowed to take pictures, but papa managed to steal a shot ;)
泳池係唔比影相同錄影的, 但係見到傲B咁cute,唔理了!!


Kelly said...

OMG Marcus is so so SO CUTE in his new swim shorts! Love! even the float! =D

Anonymous said...

SO adorable!! So so adorable!

Liverella said...

Goodness me, I just realize he has lesung pipit.... Cuteness to thE max!!!!!

that kate said...

He loves to splash about! How sweet!

Chris said...

Totally cute!! Started swimming lessons with my kids at age 6 mths, basically splashing around and a parent had to take the kid in. With regards to "proper attire" since it will be outdoor swimming, I'd recommend SPF swimwear. There are onesies for kids. Check places like Watson's or Mothercare. With regards to floaties, best is to get a PFD(personal floatation device) which comes as a vest with a neck support. These are the only safe PFDs for kids; as u pointed out with the arm gizmos, Marcus can still get his head into the water. With the proper PFD, he won't be able to. This is the only acceptable type as if the kid were on a boat and got tossed over, and rendered unconscious, his head would still be above water and he can breathe.