Thursday, May 26, 2011

SC & His Slicked Back Hair 賭勝頭

SC with Slicked Back Hair
Remember the Godfather? God of Gamblers? What do they have in common?
The cool slicked back hair style.
SC wanted it so bad, but it is really not easy to create.
We tried putting on various gel, cream and 定型...and it wouldn't stay in place!
Finally SC used his good ol' Brylcreem and it did the best job so far.

大家仲記得Godfather同賭勝? 佢地有D咩共通點? XD
冇錯, 佢地都係all back頭的!!
SC無啦啦想整返個, 但係真係唔係咁易整..
用左唔同既gel, cream, 定型水, 都冇用..
最後, 要用返幾十年前Brylcreem 出既髮蠟先好小小..

SC with Slicked Back Hair
What do you think of boys with slicked back hair style?
You likey?
大家覺得all back頭好唔好睇? (SC:我覺得我自己整得唔好睇...唔識整..)

uniqlo x monster hunter tee, chapter7 blazer, my skinny jeans, salem boots

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