Friday, May 20, 2011

Smurfy Family Outfit 藍精靈之家

We are feeling a little smurfy today.
Bossini X Smurf Tee

Or maybe mama just wanted to try out her newly acquired shoulder pads? ;)
Bossini X Smurf Tee

The shoulder pads make the tee more flattering and more...modern.
膀頭棉其中一個用法, 就係令到件衫變得更"現代"
Bossini X Smurf Tee

Papa's combo is always easy.
Bossini X Smurf Tee
In case you were wondering about the ugly flip flops...noticed the colors on papa's nails?
More on that next post ;)
最潮都係D腳指甲, 留返下次講 XD

You'd better get used to the KDK fan and the ugly cable that's running through my beautiful gray's there to help us survive Hong Kong summer with less air conditioning. We need to money to buy baby food. Heheheheh.


eek said...

You guys are too cute!

Ashley said...

Very cute :)

I cannot imagine how hot it gets in the summer there. Good luck my dear!!

Aimei said...

Seeing smurf reminds me of the smurf city game in my iphone 4 that i'm into, but neglected for some time! Nice t-shirt... don't think I've seen it here in Singapore. :( hee

Unknown said...

@Aimei the bossini x smurf collection was available in singapore too. i am not sure if it's still in stores now though... try asking bossini staff