Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Revlon Nail Colors 我的露華濃指甲油

I'm not really a nail color addict (in denial). Most of the time, I don't color my finger nails, just my toes, only in summer. I only buy one odd bottle every now and then...
其實我都唔係美甲粉絲, 大部分時間我都唔塗指甲的, 通常都係夏天先塗腳甲. 仲要塗來塗去都係塗一種顏色..(以前)
Revlon Nail Polish
I didn't realize I have so many!
有一日我囉晒D指甲油出黎睇, 嘩乜我有咁多嘅..

I am stingy, I don't buy very nice brands, normally I just buy Revlon...
我好孤寒, 所以淨係買露華濃..
Revlon Nail Polish

...and they are not even the full price HK$49 or HK$35 ones, I buy the HK$19 ones from Bonjour. Heheheh
買最平個隻, $19

The red hot tamale is my favorite.
Revlon Nail Polish
It compliments my Asian skin tone and it makes my toes look good in summer footwear :)


noobcook said...

you have set off another wave of nails frenzy hehehe ... and you have a really pretty collection. I'm just starting :D

Ashley said...

Red nail polish is my VERY favorite :)