Thursday, February 26, 2009

Boys Hate Shopping

Really? Oh yes.

I was looking for that special someone, who would go with me to boutiques selling cute clothes, gasping admiring "oh-my-gawds" as I tried on pieces after pieces of clothing that work, providing me ever-so-helpful advice on each outfit, completely understanding what's flattering on me, what makes me look like a tramp, and what's just plain silly.

As if.

Generally, boys are more than willing to shop with you, when they were going after you. Wherever you go...climbing mountains of blizzards; crossing rivers of leaping piranhas; diving seas of gurgling, poisonous, boiling water; or Zara/Mango/H&M on chaotic, sale season, peak shopping hour? No problem! I'll be by your side forever.

But once they are with you....when they heard the word shopping or Zara/Mango/H&M...
- not again???
- I'll be at the giant TV shops, honey
- See you at McDonald's after an hour. That's ONE hour, ok?

They'll be in front of that shop full of adorable clothes, waiting impatiently, shifting weight from leg to leg, tapping their foot on the ground, long necked, black faced, glancing at each other uncomfortably but with a sense of solidarity...

We are no selfish bitches (aren't we?)
What could we do to make this experience more enjoyable for them?
- Nintendo DS
- Mobile phone games
- Electronic/PC/Games magazine
...or when everything else failed...
- porn

HAHAHA! Happy waiting, guys! (trying on outfit 1 out of 1xx)


dewi said...

happens to me all the time, shud bring your queer friends tho, excellent shopping companion :)

stickyfingers said...

Oh Rita you are hilarious! Dewi is right, the ONLY boys to go shopping with are gay. They're too much fun to shop with. I think if I'd be suspicious if a partner was keen to go clothes shopping with me.

Anonymous said...

ahhahaha i have the same problem
everytime i mentio ohh i kinda wanna go get a new sweater or go look at some new dresses

we end up going for about 5 seconds
either he can't stand the music the store is playing cause generally it horrible rap or some annoying electro
we like a lot of music
but the stuff they play is stores 4 out of 5 times it gets on both our nerves i just learn to shut it out
i wouldn't trust him playing a psp while shopping either cause he tends to be very aggresive especailly playing fighting games and such so i'm afraid he'd end up hitting someone and we dont' like to be seperate from eachother plus i need an opinion

normally what we do
is ..... and sorry if this offends anybody but we normally smoke so he can just be stoned and be paying attention but have no attention span hahahahahhhahah

thats how he does ikea especially the people get annoying but when we're high
you don't pay attention to it at all ^_^