Friday, February 20, 2009

My Flattering Tools - The Double Edged Swords

I am sure you noticed that some mirrors make you look slimmer, prettier, all in all fabulous. The same principle applies to cameras.

I am sure that my online friends think I am wayyy thinner and prettier than I really am. Some of them could not believe my real size even after gasping at my height (definitely not tall) and my weight (what you think + 20kgs).

Thanks to (or blame it on) my flattering tools:

1. SC's point and shoot camera (Canon IXUS 870IS)
It seriously is beyond flattering. It makes people prettier, with better skin tone and slim-slim-slimmer!
Who doesn't like looking at a prettier and slimmer version of themselves?
- Who am I kidding? That person in the photograph is so NOT me!
- Friends saying "Is that YOU??" with disbelief
- Finally meeting your online friends and they said "Oh, you look so different" (not in a good way)

2. Mirror mirror on the wall
My living room and bathroom mirrors, my building's elevator mirrors, my office's bathroom and elevator mirrors. They do better a version of me.
- Giving me the necessary confidence before stepping out of the flat and grabbing the world by its balls
- I've been ballooning rapidly without realizing, as the mirrors indicate otherwise
- Loss of confidence when I finally saw a realistic mirror. Damn!

In these shots, I was taking the outfit's photographs using the flattering camera, off the flattering mirror, for double flattering effect. I really needed it.

Dress = blue and white vintage dress, gift from my sis
Belt = Red stretchy belt with bow buckle, from Argyle Center, HK$69
Cardigan, bag and shoes = all remixed


Claudia said...

I can not see enough blue-red-white outfits! And you're so right about the mirror thing. I always notice that when I'm in some stores.

ana b. said...

This outfit is beyond words! Just gorgeous.

dewi said...

u forget the most powerful of them all... photoshop! *wink