Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Clicking My Black Shoes, Where Did I Land?

Outta my room...

...trying on my new black the pattern

Ready to go...clicked my shoes 3 x in front of the mirrow...

Damn! Why did I end up in the kitchen again...(Notice the bag of dinner ingredients behind me? Uh huh, that's a plastic bag you see. I reuse them for garbage ^_^)

I should've worn a pair of red shoes, who knows where would I be? (I might've ended up at work. Bah! No way)

Top: My favorite 3/4 sleeves white polka dot top with tied neck detail
Tights: My new black tights from Argyle Center, HK$15
Everything else = remixed

1 comment:

dewi said...

polkadots!!! yey!!! classic black-white-red combo... works all the time.