Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Vintage Valentine Outfit

Sorry to disappoint, it was nothing sexy, seductive, nor slutty. :p
I wanted it to be something comfy, terribly sweet, and hopelessly romantic.
If it wasn't the day when I could pull of a baby pink vintage cotton lace frock...then when is?
Plus, it goes well with my little bunch of pink carnations ;)

Dress = vintage pink cotton lace from Jakarta
Belt = stretchy cream belt with gold flower buckle, from Argyle Center
Necklace = faux pearl, remixed
Earrings = pink stone with gold frame from Forever 21, Jakarta, remixed
Shoes = white peeptoe heels, remixed

...more details of that day to follow, please bear with me, and try not to puke ^_^


Aya Smith said...

You look adorable, my dear ^_^

Definitely the time to look sweet and romantic!

muchlove said...

That lace dress is so sweet and gorgeous!

nice blog :)